The votes are in. Now ABC Classic FM is involved in what its Content Manager Toby Chadddescribes as “a joyous scramble” to get ready for this year’s Classic 100 Countdown, which will air over the long weekend, June 9 – 11. Meanwhile, others are collecting the material for an 8CD box set of the Top 100 to be launched on June 11.

“We actually have no idea what music we’re going to be playing on that weekend until the voting closes, because the entire weekend is made up of listener requests,” says Chadd. “So as soon as voting closes our colleagues in the record label have the time of their lives trying to put the box set together, and then we start thinking about who would be interesting to have on to talk about the particular bits of the music. So at the moment that’s actually a work in development.”

This year the Classic 100 celebrates dance – not only music written for dance, but any classical music that makes people feel like dancing. The Countdown will take place on ABC Classic FM all day on June 9 and 10, with the 100 tracks, and the order in which...

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