Kate Prendergast

Kate Prendergast

Kate Prendergast is a writer, reviewer and creative cobbler based in Sydney. Her writing has been published in The Lifted Brow, Audrey Journal, LimelightOverland and Time Out. She interviews authors and manages socials for Roaring Stories Bookshop in Balmain, Sydney.

Articles by Kate Prendergast

26 April, 2021
Supported by City of Sydney

Sydney Theatre Company and ‘The Black Plague’

When supplies of black paint from the US dried up during COVID, STC and Robertson's Paints created a superior local version that's highly durable, more eco-friendly and half the price.

5 February, 2021
Supported by City of Sydney

Review: Fangirls (Belvoir)

Believe the hype. The Fangirls phenomenon is real. This could be the most fun you have in the theatre this year!

11 December, 2020
Supported by City of Sydney

Review: My Brilliant Career (Belvoir)

Graced by a uniformly excellent cast, Kate Champion’s assured directorship, bounteous humour, and an evocative, finely toned production, Kendall Feaver's adaptation of My Brilliant Career is, in a word, brilliant.

30 October, 2020
Supported by City of Sydney

Review: Cursed! (Belvoir)

Kodie Bedford’s raucously funny debut play gives us a big-hearted story that sings true.