Angus McPherson is a flute player, writer and researcher. He joined the Limelight team in 2016 and has written for music and arts publications including Realtime Arts, Music and Literature (US) and CutCommon as well as the Journal of Music Research Online. As a flute player he has performed and taught in the USA, the UK and Canada and his articles on flute playing have appeared in specialist publications including Flute Focus, Flute Tutor Australia, the British Flute Society’s journal Pan, and the Dutch flute magazine FLUIT.

He holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons) and a Master of Music degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as well as a PhD in Music from the University of Tasmania. He is a regular adjudicator at the NSW Flute Society’s annual eisteddfod and the Gordon Waterhouse Memorial Music Scholarship.

Angus is passionate about all artforms and writes about classical music, theatre, musical theatre, opera and visual arts.