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Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered please contact us.

The magazine goes on sale on the first Monday or Thursday of the month. See the table below for the exact date of our upcoming issues. Subscribers should receive their copy a little earlier, but this isn’t always a guarantee, depending on where you live and the delivery schedules of Australia Post.

January/February 2018 issue on sale January 4, 2018
March 2018 on sale March 1, 2018
April 2018 on sale April 2, 2018
May 2018 on sale May 3, 2018
June 2018 on sale June 4, 2018
July 2018 on sale July 2, 2018
August 2018 on sale August 2, 2018

Australia is a big place, and Australia Post is a big organisation. Limelight is mailed through a mailing house on the third Thursday of each publishing month. Because we mail from Sydney, Sydney metropolitan subscribers generally get their copies first, followed by subscribers in other capital cities. Rural subscribers will usually receive their copies a day or two later.

We do our best to make sure that you get what you pay for on time and in good condition. If this is not the case, then please send an email to [email protected] or call (02) 8227 6486 and our subscription service line will help.

If your subscription is processed by 11:59pm of the ‘Subscribe By’ date in the table below, in most cases you will receive the next issue.

Subscribe by December 17, 2017 for the January/February 2018  issue
Subscribe by February 11, 2018 for the March 2018 
Subscribe by March 11, 2018 for the April 2018 issue
Subscribe by April 15, 2018 for the May 2018 issue
Subscribe by May 13, 2018 for the June 2018 issue
Subscribe by June 10, 2018 for the July 2018 issue
Subscribe by July 15, 2018 for the August 2018 issue

Your subscriber number is printed on the big sheet of paper which comes with your copy of the magazine. The number is directly above your name and address. If you can not locate this number please contact our subscription service line on (02) 8227 6486 or email [email protected] with your name and postal address.

Yes, we have a limited stock of physical back issues available. Click here for availablilities. If you are eligible for Digital Access you can also access select back issues online.

You should receive your gift within 28 days of the subscription offer closing, however sometimes the prize may take a little longer, depending on the volume of subscriptions that month.

Please contact our subscription hotline on (02) 8227 6486 or contact [email protected]. Please have your subscriber number ready!

Yes. We will notify you via email, letter or phone when your issues remaining reaches 2.

Your first point of contact should be our subscriptions hotline. Please contact them on (02) 8227 6486 or email [email protected]

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