How privileged we are to hear a program of 21st century works performed impeccably by an exciting, experienced, truly scintillating trio who has made an ongoing and growing impact in the contemporary music world. From Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre, Chris Howlett introduced this event with words of acclamation and praise for PLEXUS, a group highly admired for not only leading the commissioning of over 110 new compositions since 2014, but performing and airing the music of contemporary Australian and international composers.

Monica Curro (volin), Philip Arkinstall (clarinet) and Stefan Cassomenos (piano) are a passionate ensemble to watch. They exude physical involvement with the performance, they dance with their instruments, they are at the peak of technical excellence, and show a highly intuitive musical connection.

With Jennifer Higdon’s 2001 work DASH,PLEXUS took off with a blast, playing with a virtuosic, adrenalin-filled intensity. The air was filled with energetic sparks, extreme and random pitches, sweeping scale passages, and colourful and exhilarating accents. Crisp, brisk, rapid-fire repeated staccato notes on a single pitch, at times had us running on the spot, awaiting the occasional pause for breathe when sustained, prominent clarinet tones eased the pace temporarily. The energy and split-second timing from each player...

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