Composers: Peter Eötvös
Compositions: Tri Sestry
Performers: Ray Chenez, David D.Q. Lee, Dmitry Egorovas ct, Frankfurter Opern- und Museumorchester, Dennis Russell Davies
Catalogue Number: Oehms OC986 (2CD)

Peter Eötvös’ adaptation of Chekhov’s classic 1901 play Three Sisterscaptures much of the source material’s stultifying atmosphere, nervous tension and bone-deep sense of regret. The libretto, written by the composer in collaboration with Claus H. Henneberg, takes apart Chekhov’s chronology and, in a prologue and three sequences, gives equal attention to the plights of Irina, brother Andrei, and Mascha. Events are seen Rashomon-like, powerfully bringing...

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