Dmitry Masleev may have won the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, but the buzz back in 2015 was all about Lucas Debargue, the dynamic, edgy young Frenchman who took out fourth place as well as the influential Moscow Music Critics Association Prize. It was Debargue who landed a lucrative Sony contract, and in this, his first ever documentary film, Debargue’s university colleague Martin Mirabel follows his friend over a year capturing the highs and lows in a highly accomplished musical documentary.

Made when Debargue was 25, we start with that win in Moscow: Gergiev applauding in the wings and a smiling Vladimir Putin in the audience. From there on it’s a far more subdued affair with Debargue, an intense, articulate young man who obsesses about failure and questions his vocation – or at least his commitment to the concert platform – more than he seems to take pleasure in the endless round of touring and glad-handing his new life demands.

“Lucas was always rushed in his emotions – his fingers were flying all over, like lunatics – like him,” says his...

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