The arts, both visual and musical, could be seen as one great, continuous exploration of the expressive potential of line, and lines in combination. The music in Genevieve Lacey’s, Line Drawings, is all monophonic, that is single line. But the music, Lacey’s playing, and Brook Andrew’s artwork accompanying the CD, are all suggestive of so much more complexity and
depth than a ‘single’ line.

The music is by 17th century Dutch recorder virtuosi and composer, Jacob van Eyck. Blind since birth, van Eyck was noted also as a carillon and organ player, with a fine ear for acoustics. His great legacy is Der Fluyten Lust-Hof – a mammoth volume of recorder works that remains the largest volume of music for a solo instrument ever published.

Van Eyck’s music is the perfect vehicle for Genevieve Lacey’s unique brand of virtuosity – which always prizes communication over pyrotechnics. The works range from melodies of hauntingly simple beauty, to quicksilver passages of rapid implied counterpoint. Lacey’s articulation is impeccable, and her approach to phrasing delicate and nuanced, drawing the listener in with each lilting sigh, pause, and flourish. Lacey describes having grown up with this music, and so it has held an important place in her musical life for some time. Listeners will enter this musical garden and feel a similar reluctance to leave, such is the program’s depth and beguiling charm.

Composer: Jacob van Eyck
Performer: Genevieve Lacey rec
Catalogue Number: ABC Classics 4816480

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