There are two ways in which to read the name of Circa’s newest show. It is, most obviously, a companion piece to Humans, which was seen at the Sydney Festival four years ago. Just as Humanswas, Humans 2.0is ambitiously described as exploring “what it means to be human”. It’s impossible, though, when watching Circa’s 10 glorious performers, not to take another tack. Are not these stronger, faster, braver women and men a species of superhuman? Humans 2.0 as opposed, say, to the audience full of humans 1.0 (or in my case, when it comes to the matters of spatial awareness, balance, elasticity, dexterity and command of split-second timing so serenely in Circa’s command, human 0.2).

Humans 2.0, media call. Photograph © Yaya Stempler

So… first things first. What does it mean to be human? Yes, ideas of community and co-operation are built into circus performance, but these are broad themes and Humans 2.0doesn’t really have a great deal to say about them other than that they exist. A more fruitful and much more directly targeted foray into the human...

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