A delicious mix of gypsy-inspired music from Nemanja Radulović and Ensemble Liaison.

Ensemble Liaison are well known for thinking outside the box when it comes to chamber performance. Over the past few years this trio of versatile musicians have teamed up with members of the Australian Ballet, a puppeteer and a narrator, among a chorus of others, to present a spectacularly diverse range of performances that frankly, will blow your socks off.

Ensemble Liaison is comprised of the explosively charismatic Timothy Young (piano), Serbian-born musical seductress Svetlana Bogosavljevic (cello), and expert mover-and-shaker, David Griffiths (clarinet). There is no doubt this ensemble has a taste for fireworks, but team them up with outrageously talented Nemanja Radulović (violin), and you get one almighty explosion!

Radulović can be compared to no other. He has it all: Technical mastery, musical prowess, and a head of hair that Pantene should have contracted years ago. Still these observations do nothing to credit Radulović’s rare musical versatility; Soft delicate moments with Haydn, Gritty playfulness with Khachaturian, technical acrobatics with Paganini and show-stopping down-right cheek with Monti; Every note is thoughtful, sensitive, and well-produced.

The program – a delicious mix of gypsy-inspired music – speaks for itself, but what is even more appealing is the onstage chemistry between the players. This infectious joy for music-making radiates from all musicians and is refreshing and inspiring to witness. Quite clearly it is a feeling I share with the rest of the audience, as a standing ovation happens even before the conclusion of the concert. There was one particular moment that appealed to the romantic musician in me: After a brilliant encore and as the crowds filtered out to enjoy a range of local wines and cheeses supplied by the Peninsular Music Society, all four musicians literally bound back on stage, like children at a playground. Radulović addresses the audience: ‘Don’t mind us, we just love so much to play together!’

If only all music-making could appear this much fun.

Ensemble Liaison with Nemanja Radulović, will give another performance of Gypsy Rondo at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Monday 23rd at 7pm.