This morning concert, featuring the Flinders Quartet and other musicians, was part of Kim Williams’ 12-part cycle, Incredible Floridas, this year’s Chamber Landscapes series, held over three days at the uniquely set concert hall UKARIA, located in the Adelaide Hills.

Flinders Quartet The Flinders Quartet. Photo © Pia Johnson

The concert commenced with actor John Gaden’s recitation of the late Judith Wright’s poem, The Birds. This proved an ideal introduction to a selection of Margaret Sutherland’s songs, which set a selection of the Queensland poet’s groundbreaking texts. And they are set with a sense of complete identification and understanding, stemming from the fact, no doubt, that Sutherland and Wright were close friends. Written in a style which suggests Richard Strauss at his most adventurous ( Elektraand the Ophelia Lieder, it is music that is fin de siècle or from the edge of the precipice. They were ideally suited to the soprano Jessica Aszodi who has already sung two performances of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaireduring this Festival. The long The Child and the Worldsaw her accompanied by string...

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