Shake & stir theatre co are known for their adaptations of classical works and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carolis perfect Christmas family entertainment. This award-winning production is being staged at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) for a third season, becoming a Christmas tradition that sees no signs of abating. Significantly, it is the first show to open in the Lyric Theatre since the COVID lockdown forced the closure of the centre in March. This show was exactly what was needed at this time and place and there was a palpable feeling of anticipation as the lights dimmed.

A Christmas Carol The cast of shake & stir theatre co’s  A Christmas Carol. Photo © David Fell

A Christmas Caroldid not disappoint. The heart-warming tale of a crusty old miser who is brought to redemption the night before Christmas, seeing the error of his ways through the life of a crippled child, is timeless. The adaptation of Dickens’ book by shake & stir’s Nelle Lee is first-rate; faithful to the original while bringing a modern flair and a freshness...

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