Curated by Cameron Lam

July 2021

Our playlist for July features music from Tasmania and from composers with strong ties to the island state. I was quite excited to dig into Tasmania’s music scene, which I’m less familiar with, and uncover some new favourite artists. I think I’ve succeeded, and hopefully am bringing some new music to your ears as well. Huge thanks to Music Tasmania and Australian Music Centre for great jumping off points for my research.

Maria Grenfell is familiar face to followers of this playlist, and her Foxtrot for Horn and Piano is a fun and upbeat romp… continue reading

Curated by Limelight

In January 2019, Simone Young talked to Limelight about her artistic principles, the luxury of choice and taking on America in the seasons to come.

Australia’s finest musical minds tell us what they think about these 10 composers.

From eccentrics to recluses, these musicians positively thrived on social distancing.

Considered by many to be the greatest composer of all time, Limelight looks at the life, times and music of the trail-blazing Ludwig van Beethoven.

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