If you’ve been trying to buy attractive, reusable masks online, chances are you’ll have found that most of them are sold out. So hats off to popular entertainer Todd McKenney who has established a new website called TODD MASKS so that Australian costume designers who are currently out of work due to the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, can sell masks they have made directly to the public. Designers participating include Jennifer Irwin who has worked for Bangarra Dance Theatre, The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Sydney Theatre Company, and Erin Roche whose credits include the television series How to Stay Married, The Wrong Girl, Sistersand The Beautiful Lie.

Jennifer Irwin Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin

“We simply cannot sit by as these talented people are forced to leave the industry due to a lack of work. Stage and screen will thrive again one day, and I am committed to helping my fellow artists anyway that I can. This is all for them, and is made with love and thanks for helping make me look great all these...

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