An ursine home invader has been captured by a security camera as it tickled the ivories before going on to trash the kitchen.

Perhaps inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent piano tinkling, a black bear tried his paw at playing the piano in a home in Colorado.

Bear plays pianoBear plays piano

The police were called to the home after the owners returned to find their kitchen a mess, according to a report on Fox 35. Though the owners initially assumed it was a burglar, the police eventually suspected the home invader was an animal.

A review of security footage soon revealed the culprit – a bear that had entered through an open window.  The video shows a budding Bear-enboim playing a two-pawed cluster chord at the piano as it gazes out the window, before continuing Goldilocks-style into the kitchen and then a bedroom. The bear exited before the owners had arrived, so we may never know if it would have been the next Meyerbear or Clawed Debussy.

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