The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra has launched a new publishing initiative, TSO House, which will showcase Tasmanian composers past and present. The venture will see music by Tasmanians available to hire to orchestras, community ensembles and schools around the world, and TSO House will also package and market TSO-produced family shows and its extensive library of education and community music resources.

Maria GrenfellComposer Maria Grenfell

“We launch this year with a few works but have over fifty on our release schedule to roll out during 2021-2022,” said the TSO’s Orchestra Librarian David Harvey. “I believe that TSO House can rescue some Tasmanian works from obscurity as well as promote our established composers who do not have representation from a publishing house.”

TSO House will also provide support and encouragement to the Australian Composer’s School – which won the inaugural Luminary Award at the recent Art Music Awards – as well as work with locally-based composers writing for the TSO as part of its commissioning program.

“TSO House is such an exciting venture for us,” said TSO CEO Caroline Sharpen. “It will be a platform for Tasmanian music and showcase the richness and depth of artistry here on our island. We can’t wait to bring this music forward through TSO House and to be an ambassador for our composers, arrangers and producers to the rest of the world.”

The TSO has announced Jabra Latham as TSO House’s foundation composer, with the release of his work SOLO, which was written in 2019 for the TSO’s Principal Clarinet Andrew Seymour. The orchestra has also listed Maria Grenfell – a regular on TSO programs – and earlier Tasmanian composers like John Gough as amongst those who will be showcased by the venture.

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