A live stream invites audiences behind the scenes as the company previews an adaptation of Flaubert’s Three Tales.

It’s not often that audiences get to witness the workshopping of an opera, let alone three. Yet Victorian Opera is giving audiences just this opportunity on Friday evening via live stream as the company previews three new chamber operas set to premiere in 2019.

The new works, taken from Flaubert’s Three Tales, have been assigned to three leading Australian composers: Zac Hurren has written the music for A Simple Heart, a short story exploring faith; Dermot Tutty has composed the score for The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller, a story describing the fate of a sadistic hunter destined to murder his own parents; and Stefan Cassomenos has been tasked with Hérodias, a reworking of the tale of Salome and John the Baptist. Acclaimed Australian playwright Daniel Keene has provided the libretti for all three. The Plexus ensemble (which Stefan Cassomenos is part of) will accompany the singers in the rehearsal room as they perform highlights from the three works.

The live stream is an opportunity for audiences to not only see how the sausage is made but to potentially influence the development of these new works with their feedback. Audience members are encouraged to send in questions for the composers via social media using the hashtag #VOThreeTales.

“Through Three Tales, Victorian Opera invites audiences into our rehearsal room to witness the development process of creating a new opera”, said VO’s Managing Director Andrew Snell. “This marks our fourth streamed project and demonstrates our commitment to using digital technologies to connect with audiences across Australian and abroad”.

“We hope to offer audiences an insight into the process of developing an opera and the timeframe committed to each new work that we commission and stage. Viewers will be able to offer feedback during the live stream and directly influence the development of each work”.

The live stream begins at 7:30pm this Friday, October 27. It will be available on Victorian Opera’s Facebook and YouTube channel, as well as on their website.