In mid-March, like performing arts venues the world over, the Sydney Opera House closed its doors and won’t open them again until at least June 17 due to COVID-19. Ordinarily, nearly one million people visit the famous venue each month. In order to maintain a connection with audiences during this period of temporary closure, the Sydney Opera House today announced a new digital initiative called From our House to Yours.

The Sydney Opera House. Photograph © Hamilton Lund

The program, which takes off tomorrow on April 1, will include full-length performances and talks, never-before-seen footage, podcasts, long-form articles and behind-the-scenes content.

In addition to a variety of digital content available free on demand, this new digital content will be released on the Opera House website every day from Wednesday to Sunday, with the next weekly schedule announced every Tuesday.

The launch of From our House to Yours follows the SOH’s successful broadcast event for Piano Day 2020, which took place last Saturday, and which was watched by a global audience of 50,000.

“While we cannot welcome audiences to live performances in our venues, we are committed to offering the best in arts, culture and entertainment,...

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