We’ve all seen people texting while driving, but have you ever seen someone practising? A 49-year-old man was pulled over by police on the A7 motorway in the Netherlands for playing his saxophone behind the wheel of his car.

Travelling between Drachten and Groningen on Tuesday afternoon, the man had the saxophone resting on the steering wheel of his vehicle, NL Times reported. According to the police, he was not blowing into the instrument, simply playing the keys with his fingers.

The eager saxophonist caught the attention of police officers due to his irregular driving pattern – going at less than 90 kilometres per hour, he was tailgating a truck and not proceeding in a “flowing line”, according to the bemused officers. This raised enough concern for him to be pulled over and the reason for his unusual behaviour uncovered.

The multitasker explained to the police that he was a member of a band and was merely “dry practicing” pieces he was soon to perform. The police in turn filed an official report against the saxophonist for causing danger or obstruction on the road.


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