Fancy some yoga with your Joep Beving? A new music and wellness festival is coming to Carriageworks that promises to build on the growing popularity of contemporary neo-classical music, while also drawing on classical music as well as ambient, electronic and alternative music.

Nat BartschComposer and pianist Nat Bartsch

The ZoneOut International Music Festival, presented by Universal Music Australia at Sydney’s Carriageworks, is being spruiked as “a brand new one-day event bringing together performances from leading international and Australian artists, alongside engaging panel discussions, yoga sessions and thought-provoking film screenings.”

The festival is led by Australian pianist and composer Nat Bartsch, and the line-up includes Australian artists Luke Howard, Sophie Hutchings, Kristian Chong, Anatole, Double Touch (producer Mark Olsen and pianist Van-Anh Nguyen) as well as international artists such as masked pianist Lambert from Germany, indie harpist Remy Van Kesteren from the Netherlands, Kenyan singer/songwriter J.S. Ondara, Irish folk singer Sibéal and Scottish cellist Peter Gregson.

“I’m excited to perform alongside some of my favourite musicians and label-mates,” said Luke Howard, the festival’s ambassador. “This genre has been under-represented in Australia and ZoneOut is putting it on the map.”

The festival will take place in three venues at Carriageworks. The Red Room (Track 8) will host performances by Van Kesteren, Sibéal, J.S. Ondara and others in an in-the-round set-up with a minimalist visual aesthetic, while the largest space, The Blue Room (Bay 20) will host Nat Bartsch’s Forever, and No Time At All, Kristian Chong’s Peaceful Piano, Sophie Hutchings’ Piano Grace, Lambert’s Sweet Apocalypse and Peter Gregson’s reimaginings of Bach’s Cello Suites, Bach Recomposed, in an immersive environment. The Green Room (Track 12) will host morning yoga sessions, panel discussions and film screenings, including work by Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi and Joep Beving. The festival will also feature ‘cozy concerts’ offering relaxed, family friendly experiences with comfortable floor seating for parents and babies and pram parking. At the end of the evening, Double Stop will host the ZoneOut Wrap Party in the Red Room as the festival’s final event.

The ZoneOut International Music Festival is at Carriageworks on September 28