London-based pianist Evelina De Lain has broken the record for the world’s highest classical music concert, performing at an elevation of 5,000 metres in the Himalayas in September last year. The pianist, in a concert raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, performed music by Chopin as well as her own compositions from her album Soul Journey on a piano that had been driven and carried to the Singela Pass in India.

World's Highest Classical Music ConcertEvelina De Lain. Photo: Instagram @evelina_de_lain_piano

“Despite the extremely difficult breathing and weather conditions I managed to perform non-stop for one and half hours until my hands and feet completely gave up,” De Lain wrote on Instagram.


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Finally, I can share this with you! 
On September 7th I have successfully performed a concert at 5000m high altitude, from what I know it was the highest performance on a grand piano in the world.
(Guinness Book of records request pending). Last month, I and a team of adventurers embarked on the biggest climb in our lives transporting a grand piano to Shingo La Pass in the Zanskar in India, Himilayas.
Under a crazy weather of hail, sudden sunshine and extreme wind, I have performed compositions from my album ‘Soul Journey’ as well as a few of my favorite Chopin pieces.
Despite the extremely difficult breathing and weather conditions I managed to perform non-stop for one and half hours until my hands and feet completely gave up, especially my right hand and the right foot as I couldn’t find my one of my socks, LOL.
I dedicated this concert in the clouds to my mum, my teacher, my producer, my best critic – Valentina Pronskaya, who I tragically lost last year.
“From age 5, my mum was my music teacher and mentor. She passed away 3 weeks before her 70th Birthday from sudden heart failure. The shock made me numb with grief for a long time. It broke my heart that instead of being back in my hometown celebrating her big birthday I was attending her funeral. It taught me to never take life for granted and to aspire for new challenges – of which this concert has been the biggest so far”.
This project was organized by a truly inspirational spirit – Desmond Gentle of “Camden Piano Rescue” and supported by Baird’s bank. 
We were also raising money for Cystic Fibrosis trust where £7500 has been raised to date and the piano has been donated to the local college in Leh, Ladakh.
It has been a whirlwind adventure and you will see more pictures and the documentary soon – all the music videos and “behind the scenes” are being edited. 
Thank you to my bestie Dmitry Jemelins for photography and videography
All the pictures from these few posts are screenshots of the videos. I’m presenting this event at my piano salon this Saturday 13th of October with quite a few surprises planned for those in attendance: #pianist #record #worldrecord #himalayas #india #trip #journey #mountains #mou

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De Lain dedicated the performance to her late mother, who was her music teacher from the age of five.

According to De Lain, official confirmation of the record from the Guinness World Records is pending.

De Lain smashed the previous record for a classical music concert, held by Italian pianist and mountaineer Elisa Tomellini, who performed at an altitude of 4,460 metres on Monte Rosa in the Pennine Alps in 2017, scaling the mountain to play on a piano brought in by helicopter.

Both De Lain and Tomellini, however, still fall behind the highest altitude concert on land, with the Guinness World Records awarding that honour to a performance by British musician Oz Bayldon, who played at 6,476 metres in Nepal in 2012 – on a much more portable instrument, the guitar.