For her fourth and final Perth Festival in 2019, Artistic Director Wendy Martin was determined to put a Western Australian stamp on many of the events – which is why the symbol “Made in WA” features so often throughout the brochure.

“There are festivals in every city in the world so how do you make a festival in Perth, Western Australia that feels like it really belongs? You can’t do that the minute you arrive,” says Martin. “It’s been four years and now in this program we have made this stamp ‘Made in WA’ so there are companies and artists who we have been talking to and watching them develop work, and we have got seven new commissions by companies in WA.”

The 2019 Perth Festival begins with Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak, a nocturnal wonderland in Kings Park, which was a massive hit when it was first seen in 2017. Combining Noongar culture, science and cutting-edge technology to celebrate the unique, fragile beauty of South Western Australia’s landscape, huge projections transform the park into an ever-moving canvas.

Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak....

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