Future Makers claims to be “Australia’s most holistic artist development initiative for professional musicians today.”

Musica Viva has launched a new artist development programme set to propel the best young Australian talent to international stardom, which it boasts is “Australia’s most holistic artist development initiative for professional musicians today.” 

The Future Makers programme, which has been made possible thanks to a significant donation by the Berg Family Foundation, aims to empower and mould Australia’s leading young musicians into nationally and internationally recognised performers. The program will provide a platform to showcase Australia’s best young talent through special performances, as well as offering the chance for Future Maker artists to participate in educational and community engagement projects. The programme will also help develop fundamental music business skills, providing crucial knowledge for successful musicians in the ever-evolving music industry. Those taking part in the initiative will also gain opportunities to have chamber mentoring and develop collaborations with other performers and artists.  

“This groundbreaking national program will be guided by one of Australia’s finest musicians, Genevieve Lacey, who steps into the role of Future Makers Artistic Director,” said Mary Jo Capps, Musica Viva’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are delighted to have Genevieve join us in this capacity, as she will offer unparalleled insight and inspiration to the musicians taking part in this program.”

Future Maker’s Artistic Director Genevieve Lacey

Recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey, who has won two ARIA Awards and Churchill Fellowships, said she intends to encourage superior musicians under her direction to advance their skills and seek out new pathways and discoveries for classical chamber music in the modern world.

Founded at the Australian National Academy of Music in 2013, the Arcadia Quintet, selected by Lacey after going through a rigorous application and audition process, will be the first ensemble to benefit from the two-year fellowship. The Melbourne-based woodwind ensemble composed of five, gifted members – Kiran Phatak (flute), David Reichelt (oboe), Lloyd Van’t Hoff (clarinet), Rachel Shaw (French Horn) and Matthew Kneale (bassoon) – will commence the fellowship in September.

“The Arcadia Quintet impressed us immensely during the audition process and we look forward to empowering them professionally over the next two years,” said Mary Jo Capps. “Our national reach, local presence, and our unique combination of strengths in elite performance, community, music and education will give these artists the ideal framework in which to develop their careers in a dynamic, holistic way.”