Multi-media artist Michael Kutschbach will create a new work responding to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as part of a new Guildhouse Collections Project in partnership with the City of Adelaide and Adelaide Festival Centre.

Michael KutschbachMichael Kutschbach. Photo courtesy of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Kutschbach is the first artist appointed as part of the collaboration and will “observe the ASO as a living collection, distinct from a collection of artefacts, and will create an analogous, sensory experience in response,” with his resulting video to be premiered at the Adelaide Town Hall and presented at various venues in Adelaide, including the Adelaide Festival Centre, in 2021.

“It’s an interesting project for an artist. Other Collections Projects have tended to look at archives within art institutions,” said Kutschbach, who works in drawing, sculpture, installation, painting and video. “Not only is this one asking a visual artist to enter the world of an orchestra, but it also asks one to consider the ASO as a living archive, and not an archive of stored artefacts. What exactly a living archive might be is certainly a very interesting thing to consider.”

“At the end of the residency, I hope that I can produce a work that reflects an experience of a multi-sensory activity,” he said. “The ASO, as I now imagine it, is this collective of interdependent, highly specialised creative individuals, who work together to offer up a unified sensory experience that goes way beyond what we may be able to articulate with words.”

“My aim is not to illustrate this idea of the ASO but to use the encounter with it to develop and foster an analogous experience within the realm of materials and the moving image,” Kutschbach said.

“The Guildhouse Collections Project provides a rare opportunity for artists to engage with our state’s rich cultural history in new ways,” said Guildhouse CEO Emma Fey. “It’s an exciting prospect for Michael to respond to the ASO as a living collection, and create exploratory new work in the context of his practice. I have no doubt that Michael’s response will create a new lens to experience the work of the ASO and engage audiences in new ways.”

“Guildhouse is delighted to work with our cultural partners on this new iteration of the Collections Project and absolutely thrilled to appoint Michael Kutschbach,” she said. “Michael’s expansive experience and broad visual language position him exceptionally well to be the inaugural artist in this new collaboration.”

“It is a wonderful cross-artform collaboration that we hope will continue and we look forward to working with Michael during his time of residency,” said ASO Managing Director Vincent Ciccarello.