New York’s Metropolitan Opera has suspended its relationship with renowned conductor and Music Director Emeritus James Levine as multiple allegations of sexual abuse, stretching back to 1968, have been made public.

The company announced on Saturday night that it was opening an investigation into the 74-year-old conductor and the company’s former Music Director, after the New York Post published details of a 2016 police report, made to the Lake Forest Police Department in Illinois, including accusations of sexual abuse dating from when Levine was guest conductor at the Ravinia Music Festival. In the report, the alleged victim – who was 16 years old when the alleged abuses began in 1986 – claimed the sexual contact went on for years and that he received money from Levine, which he estimated added up to $50,000.

“I began seeing a 41-year-old man when I was 15, without really understanding I was really ‘seeing’ him,” the now 48-year old, who has since been named as Ashok Pai, said in a written statement quoted by the New York Post. “It nearly destroyed my family and almost led me to suicide. I felt alone and afraid. He was trying to seduce me. I couldn’t see this. Now I...

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