Melbourne’s iconic classical music specialist store Thomas’ Music will close its doors forever this month after 96 years. The store, located in what was the first State Savings Bank of Victoria at 31 Bourke St, will be rapidly selling off all remaining stock of classical CDs, DVDs and vinyl at cost – both in store and online, it said in a statement, citing an increasingly challenging music retail environment as the reason for winding up the business. “In the face of online sales and streaming, and a dwindling retail environment, management have chosen to exit gracefully,” the store’s statement said.

Thomas' Music Thomas’ Music. Photo ©

The news will come as a blow to Melbourne classical music enthusiasts who prefer the in-person retail experience rather than shopping online. “I think a lot of people still like to shop, particularly somewhere they can engage with likeminded individuals,” Thomas’ managing director Elisabeth Vodicka told Limelight. “Shopping online and streaming can be a more isolating experience and is not always available to everyone. Classical music doesn’t appear to have been embraced by digital customers in the same way as other more popular genres. However, many of the...

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