Composer, conductor and founder of Gondwana ChoirsLyn Williams has been honoured with the 2021 Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award. The award, which is presented annually by the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, recognises outstanding contribution to Australian music.

Lyn Williams Lyn Williams

“I feel very honoured to receive the Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award, especially in a year where singing has been largely silenced due to COVID,” Williams told Limelight. “I would like to feel that this is a recognition, not only that music makes a valuable impact on the lives of young people but that through music young people are contributing meaningfully to the arts and to society. I believe young people have messages that we need to listen to and that through song they can amplify these messages to help the world to listen and understand.”

“I pay tribute to all my colleagues around Australia and the world who are helping young people to lift their voices and our spirits through song,” she said.

Williams is the driving force behind Sydney Children’s Choir, Gondwana Choirs, Gondwana Voices, Gondwana Chorale and the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir, and this is...

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