Sinfonia, Frühe Lieder
Matthias Goerne b,  Synergy Vocals, BBC Symphony Orchestra/Josep Pons
Harmonia Mundi  HMC9022180

“I studied at the Schola Cantorum in Montserrat where I heard Mahler’s music for the first time. Straight after, friends gave me the symphonies, conducted by Bernard Haitink. That was the soundtrack to my life.” Josep Pons

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German music filtered through an Italian glass

Mention the Italian composer Luciano Berio and I immediately think of the human voice, and of one voice in particular – that of his first wife, Cathy Berberian. Expressive, beguiling and one-of-a-kind, Berberian was a vocal chameleon; at home in a range of styles from Monteverdi to pop, and of course the perfect vehicle for Berio’s eclectic creations.

One of the better known of these creations is Berio’s five-movement Sinfoniafrom 1968. Having left behind his interest in serialism, Berio revels in an artistic freedom that heralds Postmodernism....

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