A new report commissioned by The Tony Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Alberts, has found that a large proportion of Australian primary school children have little or no access to music education. The report, Music Education: A Sound Investment , was led by internationally recognised scholar, researcher and award-winning music educator, Dr Anita Collins, whose new book The Music Advantage came out in September.

Music educator Anita Collins Dr  Anita  Collinswith primary school children engaging in quality music education. Photo © Sian Barnard

The report draws on neuroscientific and psychological research demonstrating the educational and developmental benefits of quality music education, and outlines recommended best practice in music education, identifying barriers, possibilities and points of change for lifting access to, and improving the quality of, music education across Australia.

“The report confirms that music has positive benefits for children of all ages,” Collins said. “It points to the dangers of ignoring music education during primary school years because we believe these are the most critical years in maximising the developmental and learning benefits.”

“A quality, sequential music education in...