Season Preview: Your guide to the arts in 2021

Brisbane’s La Boite Theatre has announced its first shows for 2021. Like many Australian companies navigating the ongoing pandemic, La Boite is announcing its season in stages – this is the first of three acts. “It was heartbreaking for our artists, audience and staff when COVID-19 forced us to close the doors to the Roundhouse Theatre and cancel the remainder of our 2020 mainstage season,” Executive Director Zohar Spatz said. “As we began to recover and plot our way forward, we realised what a remarkable opportunity we had to completely revitalise how we program and present work and connect with our community.”

“By staggering our season announcement over three distinctive Acts, we can build flexibility into our programming to keep it current and vital while also tipping our hat to a great tradition of theatre,” she said.

Naked & Screaming. Photo © Dylan Evans

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