Lee Lewis, Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company, has announced the company’s 2019 season which consists of five mainstage plays by Australian writers, four of them written by women, and three of them world premieres.

“These are the stories that will challenge, comfort, frighten and inspire,” says Lewis. “And these are the fearless storytellers who will reshape how we can think, feel, love and hope. Each play is deeply intimate, striking at the heart of how we forget relationships and how we can make sense of our complicated presented and our imagined future.”

Griffin’s Artistic Director Lee Lewis. Photograph © Brett Boardman

The season begins in February with Dead Cat Bounce, a new play by Mary Rachel Brown ( The Dapto Chaser). It won the 2016 Lysicrates Prize (then titled Approximate Balance) but has developed substantially since then, says Lewis.

“It’s a relationship story – what happens when you are in love and there is real baggage … and some of the baggage is alcohol,” says Lewis. “It’s not the event of the play, it’s the backdrop. The front end of the play is this...