Natsuko Yoshimoto is to bid farewell to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the end of the 2020 season, departing the role of Concertmaster after more than a decade. In her time with the ASO, the Japanese-born violinist has performed hundreds of concerts and worked alongside leading conductors and soloists from around the world. The orchestra is currently in the process of finding a new concertmaster for 2021.

Natsuko Yoshimoto 

“It has been an extraordinary honour to lead the ASO as Concertmaster, I am grateful for the experience and the musical journey I have undertaken,” said Yoshimoto. “I have been privileged to have played under some of the world’s leading conductors and I look back on my career with the ASO with great affection. It has been an intense and rewarding 10 years with the ASO and I have enjoyed every minute of it!”

Reflecting on her role as Concertmaster and what she will miss the most, Yoshimoto said, “having such an inspiring environment all the time to work in! Of course, I have worked with many conductors and soloists who are incredibly inspiring, but I’m also always amazed by the talent and skills...

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