To celebrate  Limelight‘s 200th issue we’re taking a look back at some of our favourite stories and covers over the years– and we’ll be making them free to read for the next 30 days.

Visit the Limelight 200 page

The current issue of Limelight is pretty special. Not only does it have additional features to read over the summer holidays, but it is the 200th magazine published under the  Limelight masthead. In an environment where mainstream arts journalism continues to contract, the fact that a small, niche publication dedicated to classical music and the performing arts has managed to survive is a real achievement and cause for celebration.

It has been touch-and-go at times. The publication has been under serious threat of closure twice, firstly in 2013 when the magazine’s then publisher, UK-based Haymarket Media, announced it was leaving the Australian market that December and solicited expressions of interest, and then in 2018 when Andrew Batt-Rawden, who took over the publication from Haymarket Media, ran into financial difficulties, and staff had their contracts terminated on the spot just days before...

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