Freemason Glenn Langford, 51, has been granted bail after being accused of damaging a pipe organ at Brisbane’s Masonic Memorial Centre on Wednesday night. Authorities discovered him lying inside the sizable instrument, drunk and naked. He had with him a remote controlled police car and toy gun, and was arrested on the scene.

Langford allegedly broke into and flooded the premises by turning on taps, which set off a fire alarm alerting the police to his presence. He stands accused of damaging the pipe organ and a decorative wall. Insured for over a million dollars and installed in 1930, the organ’s damage is believed to be irreparable, according to the building’s caretaker.

Langford’s lawyer told the court yesterday that his client had drunk a bottle of Johnnie Walker and had entered the building with every intention of distributing food to the homeless. The court heard that Langford had recently lost his job and had been drinking heavily due to the breakdown of his 16-year relationship.

Langford was released on the condition that he not venture within 100 metres of the Centre. When queried as to why he was found naked in the organ, Langford told 7 News that he didn’t have an explanation. “Things just got a little loose… I was out of it. I apologise to all the righteous Freemasons everywhere.”