Belvoir’s Artistic Director Eamon Flack has announced that the Downstairs Theatre will be reopened to independent artists as part of a major new programme, 25A, which opens up new opportunities for emerging and independent artists. The venue, which had historically been available for hire by indie companies, was made a Belvoir-only space in 2011 under then artistic director Ralph Meyers. From 2018, the Theatre will be given to teams of artists for free.

Eamon Flack Artistic Director Eamon Flack. 

“This is the lynchpin of our support for independent and emerging artists”, Flack said. “There’s nothing so valuable when you’re learning your trade as putting on a show. But it can be difficult and expensive to find a space to do that”.

“How do you create a situation where artists can focus on the work itself and not get distracted by the producing demands which have sunk so many indie shows over the years?” Flack added. “The idea here is to significantly limit the costs to artists. We’ll provide the theatre and a rehearsal space for free, and the artists will be expected to work to a financial limit and a set of rules. It’s not...

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