YouTube series immortalises classical music’s greatest icons using the popular plastic bricks.

Ludwig van Beethoven is just one of many classical music greats immortalised in LEGO in a series of instructional videos uploaded on the WowBrickArt YouTube channel.

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to construct Beethoven and his piano out of LEGO pieces, all to the strains of the Presto Agitato movement from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (it appears to be the recording by Ukrainian pianist Sergei Edelmann).

WowBrickArt’s series of videos features an eclectic variety of classical artists, including cellists Jacquelin du Pré and Steven Isserlis, pianist Martha Argerich, violinist Joshua Bell and oboist Nicholas Daniel – not to mention the entire Casals String Quartet. (Looking a little out of place amongst the classical artists is jazz pianist Herbie Hancock). The most elaborate video in the series, however, is colossal half-hour-long video outlining the 568 individual steps required to build an entire LEGO organ (along with miniature Johann Sebastian Bach).

After the Dutch company that creates LEGO bricks refused to supply Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei with bricks on “political grounds” last year, it remains to be seen whether WowBrickArt will tackle more controversial figures in the classical music scene, such as the cellist friend of Vladimir Putin and Valery Gergiev, Sergei Roldugin, who was named in the Panama Papers. That said, Gergiev conducting the Mariinsky Orchestra in the ruins of Palmyra would make for a spectacular LEGO diorama.