Season Preview 2020

“I was recently reminded of how Europe is comparatively small geographically, but how very diverse and rich it is culturally, and how this area of the world has had such a giant impact on art and architecture and music,” says Paul Dyer, Artistic Director of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. “In 2020 I wanted to explore the legacy and impact of the genius composers, the true titans: Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi, all the way to the eastern influences of the Ottoman Empire.

Paul Dyer. Photo © Georges Antoni

“Bach, for example, lived in a number of locations in a very small area geographically, and yet his music is infinitely inventive and imaginative and expansive, it’s abstract and complex in many ways, but also just connects with people directly on the purely simple human emotional and spiritual level,” Dyer adds. “The greatest music by the greatest composers achieves this, the music speaks for itself and speaks directly to the hearts of listeners through the ages and I want a season full of music that connects with audiences emotionally and lifts...

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