NSW Arts Minister Don Harwinapproved only six of the 17 projects recommended for funding by an independent panel in Create NSW’s second funding round last financial year, a report by the ABC’s Michaela Boland and Penny Timmsrevealed this morning. Documents obtained by the ABC under Freedom of Information Laws show that the Minister intervened directly to deny funding to 11 arts organisations, resulting in what has been the lowest funding round on record at $256,000, at odds with the panel’s recommended total budget of $660,000 across the 17 projects. With 222 applications received by Create NSW, the result represented a 2.7 percent success rate, leaving the funding of NSW arts and cultural projects for the 2017/2018 financial year down $500,000 from 2016/2017 and down $700,000 from 2015/2016.

“The first six recommended applications from the panel are approved, in accordance with revised budget parameters,” Harwin wrote by hand on one document, drawing a line below the funded projects and writing the word “no” in the margin.

While the names of the 11 organisations denied funding were redacted, the ABC named Sydney Fringe Festival, Articulate art space in Leichardt and artist Paula Abood as among those who missed out....

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