Darlinghurst Theatre Company in Sydney is to open its 2020 season with a new, reimagined production of A Chorus Line. Amy Campbell will direct and choreograph the iconic dance musical, which was groundbreaking when it premiered in 1975. It will be the first time that a professional Australian production of the show will feature entirely new choreography.

“It is so exciting! I have dreamt about having the opportunity to do this show for almost three years now, and it’s taken me that long to be ready to re-choreograph it and re-direct it. I cannot wait to get my hands on it,” Campbell tells Limelight.

“It premiered in 1975 so it’s a story that’s lasted nearly 50 years, and choreography that has lasted nearly 50 years. It’s now time to put a 2020 take on it and really show what the talent of today can do with such a classic story.”

A Chorus Line Promotional image for Darlinghurst Theatre Company. Photograph © Daniel Shipp

The production follows the success of the musical Once , which had a sold-out, extended season at the 200-seat Eternity Playhouse when the Darlinghurst Theatre Company staged it in July this year, directed...

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