The popular choral composer’s latest concoction goes for YouTube gold with more than 5000 voices.

Eric Whitacre never does anything by halves. Something of a superstar within the international choral community, Whitacre’s fourth Virtual Choir project was released last week and has already achieved 230 000 views in seven days.

Featuring 5905 voices, the world’s largest collaboration of singers to date, the work is titled Fly to Paradiseand was written specially for the Queen’s Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace.

Both a huge musical and technological undertaking, 8400 individual videos from 101 countries were mixed into one track. The final mix was placed alongside an electronica track by British composer Guy Sigsworth.

The final product has been described as uplifting and powerful and is written in what can only be described as true Whitacre style. Each singer appears in the video – nearly 6000 voices (including 138 Australians) and nine incredible female soloists, including Grammy Award winning soprano, Hila Plitmann, as faces in the window of buildings. A single angel, meanwhile, walks alone through the streets.

Whitacre produces a Virtual Choir project annually. It began after a fan of his music recorded herself singing one of Whitacre’s songs and shared it on...

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