Throughout much of the 20th century, no other tango orchestra achieved the heights of acclaim, popularity, and fame as Aníbal Troilo’s Orquesta Típica from Argentina. Among the players was one Astor Piazzolla. The young bandoneon player got his first professional start with the ensemble at just 17 years old, in time becoming an arranger and occasional pianist for the group. After leaving Troilo’s group, Piazzolla would go on to create the tango nuevostyle over his illustrious career. With some of his most famous compositions (the electric Libertangobeing one of the best known), he became one of the key figures in the history of tango music. This year marks the 100 thanniversary of his birth in Mar del Plata, Argentina on 11 March 1921, and the celebrations of the composer here in Australia have given rise to a new ensemble in based in Brisbane.

The Brisbane Tango Orchestra is a new group, made up of three smaller established tango ensembles – Diez Cuerados, Tango Enigmático, and La Vuelta Tango. The three groups will perform separately on the 10 March at the Old Museum Building, before combining for the debut performance of the Brisbane Tango Orchestra. The new ‘supergroup’ is...

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