In the midst of its biggest upgrade since throwing open its doors in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is turning 45. Firmly middle-aged, it’s being nipped and tucked – call it refreshed – for the 1.5 million that go there to see a show, that stroll up and down the Broadwalk taking photos, having a drink and admiring the projections on the iconic sails. 

Photo © Hamilton Lund, courtesy of Sydney Opera House Trust

Reflecting on the occasion, Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron leans forward in her seat and gazes out of her office window. It’s a glorious Sydney morning, the kind where sky meets sea in an expanse of blue and everything is shot through with golden yellow. It’s also early, so the curious, excited tourists haven’t yet flocked to the House, leaving the surrounds to assume a stillness that reminds you that this is,...

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