The third of December marks International Day of People with Disability. One in five Australians have disability, many who are dedicated supporters of and makers of art. People with disability are more likely than people without disability to create art, volunteer within the arts and give money to the arts. 1However, unfortunately artists with disability currently make up only nine percent of our professional artist population within Australia and earn 42 percent less than artists without disability. 2

Queensland Symphony Orchestra at Narbethong State Special School for We're Sharing the Joy Queensland Symphony Orchestra at Narbethong State Special School for We’re Sharing the Joy. Photo supplied

People with disability are important contributors within our artistic community, as artists, participants and audience members. Arts organisations are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to consider diversity and inclusion and are seeing the benefits of providing access to their services and programs. Patrick Nolan of Opera Queensland says “We see access and inclusion as vital to any organisation. Our objective is to share our work with as many people as possible, there...

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