In 1995, Corinne Estrada, a French expert in communications, branding and event management, founded a Paris-based communications agency called Agenda. For over 20 years, through Agenda, she has managed international communications and global positioning strategies for major museums, arts venues and tourist destinations across Europe, advising organisations such as the Tate, The National Gallery in London, and Guggenheim Bilbao among others.

In 2013, Estrada founded Agenda Pacific in Sydney. Now based in Sydney, she goes back and forth to Paris, and has also expanded Agenda’s operations to North America.

Several times a year, Agenda hosts conferences bringing together cultural leaders, senior arts professionals, artists and other experts to share their thinking and debate global best practice.

Corinne Estrada

“The whole idea is to share practices, to learn from each other and to improve [policies and strategies]. It’s about professional development so it’s very much learning from each other, and from other industries, and being confident that you are going in the right direction,” Estrada tells Limelight.

On 16 and 17 November, Agenda will run a Roadshow Australia conference at the Art Gallery of New South...

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