In 2012, the reign of Terracini begins at Opera Australia. Here’s what’s in store for his first programmed season.

The second part of this interview with Lyndon Terracini appears in the September issue of Limelight,on sale August 17 and soon available  online. For in-depth commentary on the season, visit Limelight’s Opera Blog.

What did you want to do differently for your first season programming in the driver’s seat?

One, to try and play to as many people as possible. Two, to try and make everything we do much more like an event, like we did with the opening of La bohème, for example, with the fanfare in the foyer. And three, to construct mini-festivals throughout the year. Starting off with the summer season, it’s composer-driven, and the summer seasons for the next three years will be composer-driven.

So next year is Mozart?

Yes, three productions, all in English. It gives audiences another way to look at these pieces when they are in our own language, and see what that means to us. The company always used to do Mozart in English.

What’s special about Julie Taymor’s Magic Flute?

It’s gorgeous and it’s designed to speak to...

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