The British violinist talks about her new Szymanowski and Karłowicz album, Limelight’s Recording of the Month.

You’ve recorded quite a bit of Szymanowski lately. What attracts you to his music?

There are many aspects to Szymanowski’s writing that I find appealing. First of all, I love his evocative harmonies! They are rich and sensual for much of the time, but he also has the ability to weave a fine thread of melody that can be utterly haunting! I guess it’s this juxtaposition that I find very exciting and which really draws me in.

Tasmin Little, violin Violinist Tasmin Little

Was he a taste you acquired recently, or have you been into his music for a long time?

I’ve loved his music since I was a young girl. I remember my father had found a broadcast of a lunchtime recital given by the violinist Dong Suk Kang and, at the end of the concert, he played the Romanceand the Notturno e Tarantelle. I was immediately hooked! I found the Romanceimmensely moving, the Notturnosmoky and atmospheric, and the Tarantelleabout as wild as one can get! I was so smitten that...

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