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Thalia Theatre Hamburg

​Carriageworks 7-12 January

American music royalty, singer-songwriter Tom Waits, has passed Georg Büchner’s deadly story of infatuation and jealousy through his unique musical prism to create a modern day retelling of this late 19th century unfinished masterpiece. His is not the first incarnation of this narrative, which has been adapted for almost every performance medium imaginable including theatre, film and opera. However the combination of “pre-Brechtian” German dialogue and Waits’ soulful yet ironically whimsical songs conjure a particularly magnetic and sometimes unsettling rendering of the central character’s descent into oblivion. This is innovative, uncompromising theatre on the bleeding edge of the art form, and is surely one of the must see shows not just at the Sydney Festival, but anywhere in Australia this year.

Fase & Vortex Temporum
Rosas and Ictus
Sydney Opera House 9 -11 January, 15 -18 January

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