Congratulations on winning the 2017 LimelightOrchestral Recording of the Yearfor your Haydn, CPE Bach and Boccherini disc on Hyperion. Can I ask you about the Haydn Cello Concertos first? You recorded them 27 years ago with Roger Norrington…

It can’t be as long ago as that, can it?

I’m afraid I have a feeling it was in 1990…

You’re depressing me!

I guess my question is how has your thinking about these two pieces changed in all that time?

My face has aged but I don’t notice it day to day. And it’s the same with interpretation, it changes, you don’t really notice it. I haven’t had any sudden “that was completely wrong” thoughts. One’s attitude changes, sort of. The difference now is that there’s no conductor. I’m directing, so it’s probably more chamber music-y this time.

Steven Isserlis Cellist Steven Isserlis. Photo © Satoshi Aoyagi

You’ve recorded a few things again of late. With the Haydn, did somebody invite you to re-record them or was it you that had the desire to do it?

It was me having the desire. To be honest, I never really enjoyed the C Major. It did as well as any...

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