This album is my second for the Hush Foundation, and although vastly different from the first, has followed the general concept of all the other Hush recordings; that the music be gentle and melodic in nature.

Tony Gould Tony Gould. Photo © Rob Grant

My first experience with Hush goes back quite a few years, beginning with a memorable visit to an operating theatre (I thought I was simply visiting the waiting room!) to witness first-hand the renowned Dr Catherine Crock performing a delicate procedure on a young patient, with parent at her side. It was life-changing in a number of ways. First as a reminder of the stress some people (young and not so young) have to endure with health issues, and second the care and kindness of staff so critical in such environments. We need all the kindness we can get in this rough and tumble world.

It is generally agreed that music can be important in both calming and healing: mentally and physically. As a patient myself I have had (too many) experiences in operating theatres; anything that helps ease the tension for all concerned is very welcome. (For me it was...

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