Chinese pianist admits he never washes his suit and announces solution: his first two fragrances.

Lang Lang has announced the first release in a line of perfumes for the discerning musician. “Very excited to announce the launch of my first fragrance!!” he tweeted this week. “Will sell in Europe in the fall and China next year. :)”

The Chinese pianist, who also owns a private club in Guangzhou, will add the new perfumes to his growing list of deals and endorsements, which include relationships with Volkswagen, Allianz, Telefonica, Bombardier and China Merchants Bank.

With Barbara Le Portz, founder of Art in a Bottle

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal last year, Lang Lang said that a French distribution company called Firmenich, who also manage Armani and Dior, had been looking for an Asian for a line of perfumes. “We decided to release it in Europe first,” he said.

“I love perfumes,” he went on to say, adding a surprising level of detail and admitting that, “I never have time to wash my suit. When I’m travelling, sometimes the smell isn’t very pleasant. And when I’m on stage, I don’t only want to smell the piano. Sometimes, when they tune...

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